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John prides himself on being knowledgable about all the technology in the lock industry and can do just about anything from master keying, safe opening and repair, and emergency services. Here is the thing, John also prides himself on being reasonably priced in a market where price seems to not have a reason.
John has been a locksmith for over 22 years, he's used his experience to build a business that caters to the customer. So if your an apartment owner, bank, small business, post office, or anyone who needs lock or safe repair services, JB's has the experience you can trust.
JB's is the most affordable locksmith in the area, we gaurantee it.  
We were stranded on the interstate, John saved our entire trip...

We were out of gas, and when we got out of the vehicle we locked our keys in the car, my wife started crying because she thought we'd miss the show...

45 minutes later, we had enough gas to make it to a gas station and we were on the road again, we were late but made our trip as planned. Thanks John!
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JB's Safe and Lock © 2011
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